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Fear of a white-house wife

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It really truly amazes me that when we look at the rest of the world, we will find many female leaders, but in the United States of America, so many people are absolutely terrified at the possibility of a woman becoming leader. I sadly, don’t think it will ever happen. Definitely not in my lifetime. There are too many sexists who really do believe that a woman’s only role is that of wife and mother.

Looking at the rampant sexism Hilary Clinton has had to face is truly shocking. Being confronted by the frightening beliefs that a woman has no place outside of her kitchen, is very upsetting and the offensive focus on her appearance is just disgusting. The coverage of this election has really highlighted how far women still have to come. And while their are definitely countries in the world that are much more oppressive to women, the idea that feminism is no longer needed in the United States is insane

Countries that have women leaders:

Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, The Philippines, Mozambique, Germany, Chile, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Liberia…


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