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Canada’s Biathletes STILL an embarrassment


So a little while back I wrote about my disappointment in Canada’s female biathlete’s going the whole “nude calendar” route and one reader compared me to the Taliban. Wow. That’s really hilarious. Just to clarify, I have no problem with nudity. My problem, in this particular scenario, is that the Canadian women’s Biathlon team is using sex to sell when they actually have a really great product worthy of a much better ad campaign than come see my ass cleavage. 

Why did these athletes have to go down this road? Why couldn’t they have come up with something a little more clever. Like no one has done a fucking nude calender before. And why naked? Why naked women? Like we don’t see enough of them every where we look. I just think that these athletes should want a little more respect for themselves beyond, “ya, the blond one is hot and the brunette has a nice ass. I’d do the whole team though.” 

This does not make me “like the Taliban” for fuck’s sake. It makes me a woman who thinks that a successful woman should be respected for her abilities and not just her appearance naked. The athletes are cheapening themselves. How many nude calenders (besides mustached fireman) do you ever see of men? Why is it that men don’t feel that they have to sell themselves this way? 

The whole Girls Gone WIld generation of women seem to think that it’s fine to flash your tits. Not “I don’t want to wear a bathing suit top at the beach” flash them, but the “hey those guys want to see them” flash them. I think that’s sad.

But hey, if that’s what you want, go for it. I have nothing against women who sell their bodies as prostitutes, strippers, escorts or nude models in playboy or on the internet working as a face on which to be come upon. It’s those women’s choice. But in my opinion, being an olympic athlete and working in the sex industry are pretty different. ANd you may insult me all you want but I would hope that our elite athletes should not feel that should have to, or want to, sell their naked bodies, to subsidize their training.

Barf….. Again.


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Olympic Objectification

This really pisses me off.

Here we have the best female athletes in the world, competing in highly demanding sports, and still, the cameras and the press must objectify the female athletes and reduce them to body parts. First of all, screw you cameraguy for the Associated Press who thinks it’s perfectly alright to take extreme closeup ass shots, and secondly screw you Globe and Mail for including this sexist piece of shit in your daily photo montage re-cap of the day in Beijing. 

This volleyball player for Brasil has a face. She probably has a pretty bad ass spike and a super fabulous serve, but instead thanks to the bullshit that is the “rule” that women volleyball payers must wear bikinis, and the assholes who think it’s fine to make world class athletes into sexy models upon which to gaze and lust after, she is just a tight little ass. 

Show some respect to these women athletes. Sex is everywhere…..everywhere. Women’s bodies and body parts are everywhere. Why can’t we look to these athletes at the olympics as models of strength, perseverance, stamina and determination and not just, with one quick snap of the zoom lens, sportporn.

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Why are there no female directors?

One of my biggest peeves is that there are so few women directors. I feel that it is the main reason why most movies, specifically romantic comedies, really suck. They just don’t speak to me or relate to me at all as a woman. They seem to rely on these dated stereotypes and assumptions of what women want and are like. Um……modern women are not like that. Get with it. 

I don’t understand why it is always men, directing supposed chick flicks. If these movies draw such a female audience, why not have a women directing them? How are men supposed to really connect with their female audience? And the why the hell is the Sex and the City movie directed by a man? I really think that the main reason Sex and the City really kicked ass is because it was so often directed by women and of course was adapted from the writings of a woman.

An article in the LA Times explores this issue, basically revealing that women directors are so few that it is insane. The movie industry basically missed the whole, women-are-equal boat. 

The article makes a few good points but then falls back on the same shit argument always made when examining why there are fewer women involved: THAT WOMEN DON’T LIKE THAT MASCULINE POWER DECISION-MAKING ENVIRONMENTS. 

Ahhhh….Bullshit. Trust me that women who have worked their way up in Hollywood to be directors are not little scared women who just want to stay home and play house and who would be afraid to yell at the lighting guy. Why is this always the fall-back argument?

The article starts off looking at the numbers, proceeds to say there are some women doing great indie films and then goes into the: ‘women have children and don’t want to be away from them’ shtick and then wraps the stereotypical bow around the whole package with ‘women are scared of conflict and control.’

Can we please move past this shit and realize that some women are in fact not affriad of that at all. And that some women in fact don’t want children or have absolutely no problem uprouting a family for an important career move.

These articles are based on gendered stereotypes, not actual research.

A real analysis of why Hollywood is so damn sexist would be nice. 

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Fear of a white-house wife

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It really truly amazes me that when we look at the rest of the world, we will find many female leaders, but in the United States of America, so many people are absolutely terrified at the possibility of a woman becoming leader. I sadly, don’t think it will ever happen. Definitely not in my lifetime. There are too many sexists who really do believe that a woman’s only role is that of wife and mother.

Looking at the rampant sexism Hilary Clinton has had to face is truly shocking. Being confronted by the frightening beliefs that a woman has no place outside of her kitchen, is very upsetting and the offensive focus on her appearance is just disgusting. The coverage of this election has really highlighted how far women still have to come. And while their are definitely countries in the world that are much more oppressive to women, the idea that feminism is no longer needed in the United States is insane

Countries that have women leaders:

Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, The Philippines, Mozambique, Germany, Chile, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Liberia…

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