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John McCain is a sleazy slut

The Daily Mail has a very interesting article about John McCain and his first wife. Check out: The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind.

Just seems so typical of republicans and their “family values.” It’s such bullshit. They all want women to stay home and pop out their babies but then when they get older, these guys upgrade for a much younger version of their wives. A version whose fertility curves guarantee more little republicans. 

Any guy who dumps his injured wife for a chick 18 YEARS younger just sucks ass. 

People wonder why it is that women should be independent and work, well this is a HUGE reason why. No matter how great and devoted and family oriented some guy seems, he can leave you with nothing. And a lot of them do it. Just look around and see how many of these grey hairs have second wives the age of their daughters. Disgusting.

What a loser. 

I wonder how much he is paying his x-wife to support him in the press? 

I hope this story gets more play. I am so sick of the whole war hero thing. I much prefer this hypocrite, cradle robber, gold digger, philanderer, who ditched his injured wife because she was way less hot, story line. Maybe it will convince the women married to republicans, who are renowned for almost always voting republican along side their husbands, to think twice.

Here’s hoping. 



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