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Breast feeding in the pool: yuck yuck yuck


Now, trust me, I believe that a woman should be able to breast feed her baby. If she wants to leave the house at all with a new born who feeds like every waking minute, this is important. But the fact that a woman is complaining to the Human Rights Commission for being kicked out of a public swimming pool for breast feeding is just wrong.

This is not a human rights issue, it is an issue of respect. I don’t want to see someone eating a sandwich in a pool, spitting in a pool, blowing snot into a pool. You can’t feed a toddler a box of milk in a pool. The rules are clear, no eating or drinking aloud. Why should breast feeding be any different? I just can’t understand why this woman couldn’t get out of the pool and breast feed on a chair nearby. 

Advocates argue that breast feeding in a pool does not cause any health issues, sure – but it’s just rude. 

Unfortunately, this story takes away from many women’s legitimate concerns about being discriminated against for breast feeding in a coffee shop or in a mall. And while our culture definitely has a problem with seeing breasts in public, that aren’t perfect, perky and wrapped in sexy lingerie, I really think there is such a thing as going too far. 

This article elicited almost 150 responses from the public echoing this view. Just have some common sense and respect for others. I don’t want baby spit up floating by me, even if it won’t make me sick.  

On the other hand, if women want to argue that they shouldn’t be harassed or discriminated against for breast feeding in public, then were talking about something important. But when this woman takes her grievance public, one that most Canadians would disagree with, it takes away from the real problem.

I spent several months living in Nepal and this is a very conservative culture. Revealing knees or shoulders in public is a no-go. But interestingly enough, breasts are no big deal. Breasts actually share the same Nepali word with milk: duhd. (Dude: ha ha). In Nepal, most women of child bearing age wear shirts(cholahs) that actually un-latch to make it easier to reveal a breast for the purpose of feeding.

Now it would be nice if are culture could accept that breasts actually exist to feed babies, not to be used as male fun pillows.


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