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Proposition 8 and the sacred-marriage myth


I think it is truly hilarious that all these religious types are so opposed to Same-Sex Marriage. “Marriage is sacred” they say. How can they even keep a straight face?

They want to deny marriage to a couple of the same sex because they think that it injurs the mighty institution of marriage. I ask them: what about reality tv marriages? What about hollywood 16 minute marriages? What about 7th time marriages? What about marriages for money? Marriages for sex with a woman 40 years younger? So-called starter marriages?

I’m sorry but the whole “marriage as sacred” thing went out the window years ago. Probably around the time 50% of them ended in divorce. But hey, for 50% of us, marriage works. It keeps us happy and healthy a lot of the time. So why deny this to people who share those aspirations. We let random-looking-for-fame dude and I’m-a-“model”-trying-to-break-into-acting girl do it on live television but Judy and Jenny who have been partners for 20 years and would like similar tax breaks as Jack and Laura from next door, not to mention maybe a big fun party with their loved ones, are the ones setting the culture of marriage back. Right!!!

You don’t see the angries standing up to oppose mail-order brides. Wow a green card and sex with a young hot woman who will cook for you till she gets her status should be grounds for marriage, that doesn’t make a mockary out of the “blessed” union between a man and a woman at all. But two people who love and are committed to each other who happen to be of the same gender is really what threatens the collapse of marriage. What a joke.

Let people find their slice of happiness on this planet and don’t judge them so harshly, especially when they are looking for the exact same things as you haters. A sworn commitment to work as a team. Who cares if they originated from the same one.



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Addicted to Publicity

So news and events on which to comment have basically been spewing all over the place for weeks now. So many things to get me going, piss me off, and really make me want to rant and rave…so many that it’s hard to know where to begin.

But as I pondered, and stewed, fretted, and festered, over all the headlines, bylines, and pantylines of weeks past, all that kept coming to mind was David Duchovny.

“Why?” you ask, would this mildy, or maybe mediumly, hot, former x-files star, be on the forefront of my anger when so many other things are wrong with the world? Well, I think it is because Duchovny really represents most of what is in fact wrong. 

First off, I’ll admit, I am not a fan of actors. In fact I really can’t stand most of them. I’m sure there are nice ones/good ones/plain old “I really just love the art” whoevers, but the ones I know and have seen really just want to be the center of attention at all times, no matter what, and they will do anything to get there, stay there, and keep everyone else out of their way and spotlight. And when I see things like the following, it hurts a little more inside:

When Californication first aired on showcase, I trusted I could enjoy some r-rated T.V. I enjoyed season one. Too many gratuitous tits, but all around pretty entertaining and definitely boundaries pushing (female ejaculation face-shot….yup).

But, is it not just a tiity bittie convenient that David Duchovny declares himself a sex addict, in need of treatment, weeks before season two begins airing????

Give me a break. Seriously. The guy is going to go public with a sex addiction. Right…. This has nothing to do with the fact that his character on Californication is a sex addict. Nothing to do with rebranding the uptight scientist x-files Duchovny with the new, sexier, sluttier, racier version. It practically sets up season two. He may be back with his woman, but he’s addicted to sex, so what will happen in the steamy, sex filled episodes to come…..dun  dun dun…..

Tea Leoni, in the meantime, has to skip out on the Toronto Film Festival out of “embarrassment”. I can just picture that convo: “So honey, the pr team for Californication want me to come out as a sex addict and check into rehab. I know this wont look good for us, but hey, the ratings will skyrocket for the show and guarantee a few more seasons. This could be big time. Come on honey……” 

And of course it all works very nicely. Instead of getting two lines in the T.V. section of the paper before season two begins, whole articles, in the tabloids and the mainstream press, feature Duchovny’s startling confessions. What a load of shit. And really, the media allow themselves to be so manipulated it just sucks.

But sadly, while I found Duchovny sexy and alluring in season one, I can’t even watch season two. Now all I see is another actor, willing to make a fool of himself and his family to make a few more bucks. Is all fair in love for publicity?  

But hey, actors do it, signers do it, athletes do it, and now, even our politicians do it.

Ahhhh John McCain. Another actor, breaking out some tabloid fotter, Palin, in order to create buzz and gain publicity. Who cares about serious issues when we can talk about six packs and moose hunting? Who cares about qualifications when you have great hair? Who wants to talk about foreign policy when they can gossip about teen pregnancy? Why fill the papers with debate, analysis and discussion when you can just post rumours, and comparative fashion shots of power suits.

Just like actors, our politicians have become publicity whores, knowingly dishing out all the shit that we love to eat right up. Making one, if not the, most important U.S. election into a publicity, tabloid circus, one in which the packaging and branding have become more important than the actual product.  

But I guess as long as we eat it up, they’ll keep dishing it out. 

Frankly, I just feel like barfing.

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Cause every little girl wants to grow up to be a stripper…..

A very interesting report put out by the Quebec status of women, (which still receives funding because apparently women are still considered equal in Quebec) points out a huge problem with marketing sex to prepubescent girls. The report makes several recommendations on how to improve the equality of women by helping young girls to understand and resist the marketing machines that are turning them into pint size sex objects.

A great article in the Gazette by Brett Bundale sums up the problem nicely in the intro:

Walking down some stretches of Ste. Catherine St., you might have trouble telling a strip club and a toy store apart.
Dolls come dressed with black leather miniskirts, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots and red feather boas.
The ads for Club Super Sexe portray women as girls, with pigtails, schoolgirl skirts and ruffles.

Bundale goes on to discuss:

Padded bras and thongs advertised to 7-year-olds.

The fact that 65% of girls aged 12-17 have experienced mental or physical sexual violence

And that 20% of girls who had sex before 16 thought that they had to.

Hmmmmm…..I wonder where they, and the young guys having sex with them, got all these messages about sex.

Besides the La Senza girls and the Brat dolls, teens see porn. They see sex on TV, in the movies at their friends but mostly on the internet. Sadly, we all know what the internet looks like. And trust me, your 12-year-old did not click the “I’m under 18 button.” What a joke.

And you may supervise your kids on computers at home, but when they are at Jimmy’s……or Cara’s……..exactly… had an inkling.

While we as teens, may have stumbled across dad’s Playboy, kids these days, get face shots, double penetrations and maybe an occasional round with a donkey. It’s a fact of life. It’s not a pretty fact that our internet is completely dominated by porn. When my liberal feminist blog brings people to my articles because they did a search for “kiddie vagina” or “teen face shots” I am extremely discouraged with our world. But then I think, maybe they’ll read about what a young student escort is really thinking when she has sex with them and they wont be able to get it up next time and maybe stay home and read a good book instead. (Yes, I’m an optimist) A digressing one…

The report’s conclusion states that the main concern is that young girls feel increasingly like objects. This is a horrifying by-product of our current cultural climate.

I remember feeling very empowered as a 14-year-old listening to the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue, reading Sassy magazine, listening to Liz Phair.

Today, these girls have Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Jaime Lynn Spears as role models. Be stupid, look pretty and you’ll bag a rock star or a hockey player. (And totally have the coolest babies with them.)

I remember so clearly the day I realized that most likely, in tight jeans, as I walked away guys would check out my ass. I was 27. Growing up, it never even crossed my mind that as I schooled a guy at pool, because I used to be a bit of a teen shark, he may have been looking for cleavage as I leaned over the table. And maybe, thanks to my mom and her dress code for my early years, I didn’t feel like a sex object until I was able to understand what that meant and deal with it accordingly. (O.K. maybe I clued in a bit late, but trust me, it wasn’t a bad thing.)

Today, young girls become sex objects at such a young age. They don’t get a chance to play on the ball field with the guys without worrying that since it’s chilly out their nipples may be showing and the second baseman will for sure notice so they might as well miss that fly ball. Or maybe they are wearing extra short shorts so that the centre fielder misses his own fly balls. Same diff…

What we have is a big cultural void for our young girls. They don’t have Riott Girl and 80s career movies. They don’t have Liz Phair singing about one-night-stands and Ani Difranco about periods. They get Surf School instead of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. They look up to Venessa Hudgens, not for the brutalness that is High School Musical, but because they  know that in real life, the actress landed a sweet gig, posted nude pics, and is actually dating Zach Efron and can make out anytime when Disney is not in charge.

The markets feel that selling sex to teens is worth while. Clearly it’s worth while because it works. These little girls are eating it up and nothing is standing in the way. Or at least competing.

So the Quebec report makes some recommendations. Among them:

– Discuss sexuality and the media in the ethics and religious culture course that is to begin in public schools this fall.
– Launch a media awAreness campaign to promote equality.
– give youths and parents better access to information about sexuality.

Now besides the fact that these recommendations are totally mundane and most likely useless, they are important in that they will get people who can have some influence some information and hopefully a kick in the ass to take action.

But I have a few recommendations of my own:

  • Teach your girls that they are not different from boys in that they will be curious about sex, have sexual feelings and want to explore their sexuality. Then talk to them about doing things and behaving in ways that make them feel good about themselves and not bad.
  • Tell your girls, as my mom told me: “You have your whole life to dress like a tart, preserve being a kid, it’s the best life has to offer, it will go quickly, don’t rush it.”
  • ENROLL YOUR GIRLS IN SPORTS!!!!!! And not ballet, horse back riding and yoga. Sports. Like soccer, football, hockey. Trust me, when the other girls make fun of Molly for wearing eyeliner to practice, she will think twice about how cool it is. And unlike dancing, girls bring the skills they learn playing these sports with them everywhere in life. Whether it’s a 21st birthday party at a bowling alley, a pick up game of football at the company barbecue or a game a pool at the singles bar, women with skills, agility and physical acumen kick ass. (not to knock dancing etc. but supplements of sports are well worth while.)
  • Talk to your boys. It is not cool to have conquests. It is not cool to brag about what you’ve done. The boys who don’t need to beg for it or tell everyone about it are always the ones that all the girls swoon over. If he really likes you, and you like him, he’ll wait. If not, he’ll leave right after. Let’s get real here.
  • Ask your girls how they feel about their bodies, about boys. Ask them if they are being pressured, harassed, or our curious about making out. Trust me, if you never ask, she will never tell you. Girls are scared to talk about these things. They are scared to talk about sexual violence. They feel guilty and don’t want you to know. But often, they really want to tell you….if you ask.
  • And: don’t treat your girls like little wall flowers who only do what boys want and have no hormonal desires themselves. Childhood innocence is pretty much a bust. Preserve it for as long as it will last, but once it’s over, it’s really over, so get real. She can google it and trust me, you don’t want her to follow the advice on


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A little VACAY


So I am heading to Amsterdam for a little vacay and I hope you will forgive my absence.

Please come back next week.

I promise I will be WELL rested and full of indignation.

Have a great Week!!!!

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Killer goes to jail this time

I just wanted to say, I am very happy that psycho killer Thomas Svekla is going to prison, most likely forever. And the coverage of this horrible murder and the sad loss of life of Theresa Innis was so much better than that of Stephine Beck. 

Justice Sterling Sanderman should teach Judge Steven Glithero a few things.

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The opt out revolution is absolute BULLSHIT.

When I first heard about Lisa Belkin’s Opt Out Revolution article in the New York Times, I was angry. Angry at my fellow professional women- all fired up and frustrated that women were leaving professional jobs to stay home. How can we change the world if we just stay home? This made me mad.

But then, I read Lisa Belkin’s article and I had a hard time feeling that the world REVOLUTION was justified here. Belkin writes a poorly researched, anecdotal article about how some of her friends who just had babies are happy to be stay at home moms. I had a few concerns about her professional-womens-doomsday prophecy:

a) Belkin was writing about a very small group of acquaintances and assuming that they represented a revolution for the whole world. It would be like me noticing that a few of my friends stopped drinking coffee and then write an article called: “The Anti-Caffeine Revolution” only to have it picked up and written about by everyone. For 5 years. It’s insane.

b) The women that Belkin was writing about were almost all new moms. Sure, they were pumped to be out of the office, enjoying being moms. But in two, three, or even six years, when the kids are older or back in school, do these professional women really plan on never returning to work? I highly doubt it.

c) This article has nothing to do with a revolution. It only applies to women who have the financial means to stay at home. And really, out of these women, how many have left the work force forever? Show me the numbers. The numbers Belkin does reveal only highlight the fact that women are not in top CEO-like positions. Well, this is not a revolution. And whether because of roadblocks to women in general, or because women with families do decide not to strive for 80 hour work weeks, this does not mean women are out of the work force. Belkin also refers to women working part time, which I thought was work. And when you have a two year old, is this opting out of the workforce because you scale back on hours for a few years?

and d) Some professional women have always, and will always, quit their jobs when they have children to stay home and be the care givers for those children. This used to happen all the time when it wasn’t really an option to keep working and drop the tots at daycare. Or when dad wouldn’t scale his hours back to help out, or when women weren’t bringing in three figure salaries. Now a days, it’s possible. But to call this a REVOLUTION. I mean seriously. The French Revolution resulted in the upheaval of the people, murder of the monarchs and a complete restructuring of the political system. The American Revolution gave the U.S. it’s independence from Britain. And even Dance Dance Revolution can brag about being in dozens of countries with more than 100 versions and over a thousand songs.

Opt out revolution my ass.

And then….today, a press release from the American Sociological Association shows us some numbers and research that goes beyond: “Hey Sally, what up? How’s the ole book club? Ya, you workin right now? No. Great, how about Kathy? No, K. I’m putting together this thingy for the New York Times and was just curious. Toodles.”:

Opting out revolution a myth: Study shows steep employment gains for women, mothers.

Wow. No Shit. Women with children are actually working more then ever before. Sociologist Christine Percheski has some great, real information for us:

Percheski’s research shows that the number of women with young children who work full-time year-round has increased steadily, growing from a rate of 5.6 percent of women born 1926 to 1935 (referred to as the “Baby Boom Parents” by Percheski), to 38.1 percent of women from Generation X (born 1966 to 1975). More professional Generation X mothers of young children were working full-time year-round than their counterparts in any previous generation.

Percheski even found that many professional women were working more than 50 hours a week.

She concludes:

“Contrary to an opt-out revolution, professional women—including mothers of young children—are working more than ever,” said Percheski. “Despite this increase in women’s employment, we can not assume that combining professional work and family life is easy for most women. Indeed, many working women successfully combine these roles by making great personal sacrifices, including curtailing their sleep, civic involvement or leisure time.”

Amazing what you can find out when you do your research before making bold, highly volatile, not to mention false stetments:

Percheski used cross-sectional data from the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey to examine trends by 10-year birth cohorts of college-educated professional and managerial women in the United States from 1960 to 2005. She analyzed labor force participation; full-time, year-round employment; and work hours exceeding 50 hours per week. She is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology and the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.

But of course, you wont read about Percheski’s study in the New York Times or elsewhere. The truth is just far less sexy and gets way fewer letters to the editor.

But for women like me, this research gives me some good amo when I hear people talking about how chicks nowadays just want to stay home and bake cookies instead of say….running for president.

Pass it on…..

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John McCain is a sleazy slut

The Daily Mail has a very interesting article about John McCain and his first wife. Check out: The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind.

Just seems so typical of republicans and their “family values.” It’s such bullshit. They all want women to stay home and pop out their babies but then when they get older, these guys upgrade for a much younger version of their wives. A version whose fertility curves guarantee more little republicans. 

Any guy who dumps his injured wife for a chick 18 YEARS younger just sucks ass. 

People wonder why it is that women should be independent and work, well this is a HUGE reason why. No matter how great and devoted and family oriented some guy seems, he can leave you with nothing. And a lot of them do it. Just look around and see how many of these grey hairs have second wives the age of their daughters. Disgusting.

What a loser. 

I wonder how much he is paying his x-wife to support him in the press? 

I hope this story gets more play. I am so sick of the whole war hero thing. I much prefer this hypocrite, cradle robber, gold digger, philanderer, who ditched his injured wife because she was way less hot, story line. Maybe it will convince the women married to republicans, who are renowned for almost always voting republican along side their husbands, to think twice.

Here’s hoping. 


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