Proposition 8 and the sacred-marriage myth


I think it is truly hilarious that all these religious types are so opposed to Same-Sex Marriage. “Marriage is sacred” they say. How can they even keep a straight face?

They want to deny marriage to a couple of the same sex because they think that it injurs the mighty institution of marriage. I ask them: what about reality tv marriages? What about hollywood 16 minute marriages? What about 7th time marriages? What about marriages for money? Marriages for sex with a woman 40 years younger? So-called starter marriages?

I’m sorry but the whole “marriage as sacred” thing went out the window years ago. Probably around the time 50% of them ended in divorce. But hey, for 50% of us, marriage works. It keeps us happy and healthy a lot of the time. So why deny this to people who share those aspirations. We let random-looking-for-fame dude and I’m-a-“model”-trying-to-break-into-acting girl do it on live television but Judy and Jenny who have been partners for 20 years and would like similar tax breaks as Jack and Laura from next door, not to mention maybe a big fun party with their loved ones, are the ones setting the culture of marriage back. Right!!!

You don’t see the angries standing up to oppose mail-order brides. Wow a green card and sex with a young hot woman who will cook for you till she gets her status should be grounds for marriage, that doesn’t make a mockary out of the “blessed” union between a man and a woman at all. But two people who love and are committed to each other who happen to be of the same gender is really what threatens the collapse of marriage. What a joke.

Let people find their slice of happiness on this planet and don’t judge them so harshly, especially when they are looking for the exact same things as you haters. A sworn commitment to work as a team. Who cares if they originated from the same one.



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4 responses to “Proposition 8 and the sacred-marriage myth

  1. Um… all of the pastors and “religious types” I have ever talked to, do not agree with those types of marriages either. The majority of pastors make couples take pre-marital classes (mine was 8 weeks long) before they will agree to marry them, because it is shown that having a solid foundation in your marriage will likely lead to having a life-long one.

  2. tsladeche

    Of coarse most religious types don’t agree with superficial marriage, so why don’t we outlaw them too. I also know that the Mormon Church is against catholic marriages, so should we ban those as well, or should it go the other way. Aspects of marriage are religious, which include whether or not someone can get married. You can’t get a “mormon wedding” unless you pay 10% of you income to that church, so should everyone live under this restriction.
    Religions who think Gay marriage is fine, should have the right to marry a gay couple, and a gay couple should be able to get married. We shouldn’t restrict the moral aspects of marriage with federal or state law, that is stupid, I mean what happened to separation of church and state. Why would it even slightly effect me if a gay person got married, it wouldn’t. Making gay marriage illegal is more or less, ridiculous.

  3. truthwalker

    Ok so I argued the whole castration thing, but yeah. You’re totally right on this one.

  4. You don’t necessarily need to bring religion into the argument to be for prop 8. I lay out my explination on my blog.

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