Canada’s female biathletes an embarrassment

I am so sick and tired of this whole nude female athlete bullshit. Yet again, female atheletes have gone for the nude calendar as a means to raise awareness and money for their training. Screw off girls. As a former downhill ski racer in Canada, as a woman, athelete and feminist, I can say, you are not coming across as the bad ass Olympic hopefulls that you are. You are not raising awareness for your athleticism and achievements, you are cheapening yourselves. Your selling your bodies. Gross…..

And where is the commentary about this? Why do the newspapers make this sound like a juicy little treat? No real commentary, just details on where to pick up the latest piece of sporn. Why do young women think it is totally cool to go naked? Why do they have no problem with objectifying themselves? 

Please, give me a calendar with some bad ass women firing perfect tens out of their actual guns after having busted ass across grueling cross country terrain instead of strategically placed Canadian flags that cover genitals. And hey, maybe they won’t sell as many calendars that way, but isn’t self respect worth anything these days? 

This is so stupid. It cheapens women it cheapens the fact that they are world class athletes with amazing skill and makes them just objects, bodies to be gazed upon. 

In our women’s body obsessed society, our female achievers should be fighting against this, not pandering to it. 

Grow up girls. Take yourselves seriously as athletes and not nude models and maybe others will as well. 

I was super pumped to see the biathlon. But now I’ll pass.



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6 responses to “Canada’s female biathletes an embarrassment

  1. Hi,

    Do you really have a masters in journalism? What school? I can’t believe the number of mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammer I’ve read here.

    Apologies if English isn’t your first language.

  2. truthwalker

    Hey, have you actually seen the calendar? It’s actually very tasteful and artistic. Objectification is sexual. If nude photography = objectification, then you are sort of saying that all nudity is sexual. That’s not really true.

    “Why do they have no problem with objectifying themselves?” I don’t think a person can objectify his or her self, they can only agree with someone else’s view of them. Objectification occurs in the mind of the Other. Believing that women are responsible for the way people view them, instead of holding people responsible for what they choose to view and how they chose to feel about what they view is not beneficial.

  3. fissyput

    HI Ian,

    Yes I have a master’s in journalism and I don’t think that spelling skills are the most important thing for a journalist to possess. I know lots of terrible spellers in journalism. That’s why we have editors. As for grammar. I write in a conversational tone. My punctuation has everything to do with having an affect on my readers and getting a point across and nothing to do with conventional writing since I don’t think it works very well on the web. As for other mistakes, usually my sister catches them and informs me.
    If it’s not your cup a tea, don’t read it.

    • Bob

      I support Ian and these athletes if it’s the way they found to get the attention and reach their goal. I would understand your frustration about it. It take a lot of guts to do what they do and it take people like you to destroy people around with their negativism…. please if you study in journalism represent a positive attitude and write something positive not try to put the other down to have a better impression of yourself. These girls are on the front line not hiding behind a keyboard and spitting words. I sad that I found your article and reply on it cause you don’t deserve any attention.

  4. 1. Biathlon Canada, who’s executive director is a beautiful intelligent young woman, apparently does not agree with your opinion (refer link);
    2. My daughter, who is a nationally ranked young biathlete, does not agree with your opinion;
    3. I competed for Canada in what was biathlon’s sister sport, and once put on a young woman’s dress and wore it to Nationals’ banquet to bring home the point that women needed to be admitted to the Olympics in that sport. (They were, 88 years after men, and she went twice.) Perhaps it was kinky, but perhaps it also worked.
    4. Do you understand that you are hopping into bed with the religious right here? As an old man, I can only caution you that those who stand with you on this “cheapening” of women are our “Taliban” so, be careful what you pray for.
    5. Do be thankful that you live in a country where women can wear as little as they want, and very few journalists are shot. Cold weather ammo is expensive, why waste it?

  5. I have not seen the calendar, but if done tastefully I would fully support it. Artistic nude photography doesn’t cheapen or objectify the subject, and what better subject for a nude photograph than the body of an olympic-calibre athlete? If my recollection of history class doesn’t fail me, it was not uncommon for ancient olympians to compete in the nude. Our “body obsessed society” is the reason there’s such a stigma attached to nudity in the first place.

    p.s. Tell your sister/editor that she missed the error in “Your selling your bodies.”

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