Can someone please tell me why we don’t castrate men who rape our children???

I just don’t get it. Is it because the idea of taking away someone’s precious penis is just too much to bare for men? Is the idea of injecting, basically female birthcontrol, into a man, so horryfing to other men because it may hurt the sex drive, interfere with manliness, or a desire to live, that we cease to take steps to actually do something effective to get rid of child molesters? 

I think it is pretty clear. If you try and fuck children, you have a problem. If you look at pictures of infants and get a hard on, you have a problem, if you abduct and rape them, you have a big fucking problem. But apparently, you can molest them, over 70 times and go to prison for a few years and be back at it. But please, stick to the conditions of your release and stay away from schools because we banned you from doing that. Right.

Have we not learned anything? Sexual gratification is a pretty big motivator and when your brain and penis are hardwired in a fucked up way that makes you perceive a toddler as sexy, even once, maybe you should lose your right to have any sex drive at all. 

Now personally, I would say, remove the whole penis. Cut the whole thing right off. 

But really, a more “humane” answer already exists. Injections. Like every four months and then….bye bye sex drive, protect the children. 

How can we let someone like Danial Todd Gratton troll our playgrounds? Often, the police don’t want these fuckers back out there. But hey, the guy played nice in prison, not too many seven-year-olds in there to tempt him, and then he voluntarily goes to counselling and so he is not considered high risk. Did we forget he molested several children including one more than 70 times? What about those children’s lives? What about the little ten-year-old who he threatened with death this week? How is she going to adjust? And we don’t know what he did to her but I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. 

But hey, at counselling they told Gratton, let’s work to fight against those urges. Sure, then he goes home and online and looks at all the little children out there being abused and gets hot and horny. And these guys are everywhere. They wont tell you where but trust me, in your neighbourhood, maybe in your building, maybe at your work, maybe coaching your kid’s softball team. But as long as we decide to pretend that these guys can get “better”, nothing will change. 

And maybe if we started castrating all the guys we catch, a few others would actually be deterred. It’s one thing to be shamed and go to prison. It’s another to live your life signing it soprano.

Everyday you read a story about another ten men brought down for abusing children, distributing child porn, looking at these vile pictures of poor children being mutilated and tortured and getting off on it. Actually having orgasms when they see a child crying because their little vagina is being ripped open. Let’s get fucking real. These people are a plague on our society. Targeting our children for fucks sake.  Do they really deserve to be allowed to carry around their weapons? Fuck no. 

Let’s not get tough on crime by keeping these guys in prison for a year longer. Let’s really do something about this. And not a voluntary program. What the hell is that.

For child abusers, bring on the mini-guillotine. Off with their heads!!!!

[And now the worst thing is, I get to see the search terms that show up when trolls accidently come to my blog looking for kiddie porn: sadly, their searches will far outnumber those from people looking for news and commentary.]



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2 responses to “Can someone please tell me why we don’t castrate men who rape our children???

  1. Char

    Wow, amen on you! That is very well put, and I commend you for your commentary. I totally agree with you in every way!!

  2. truthwalker

    Actually, there are many good reasons we don’t. First of all, castration of a sexually mature animal doesn’t necessarily affect sex drive, human animal or otherwise. Late life castrations of most horses, dogs, cats, humans, etc, do not cause the same affect as pre-sexual maturity castrations.

    Secondly, you are assuming a child molester has sex drive that differs from a normal person’s drive only in its recipient. Thus, you wish to apply normal means of sex drive reduction to them. But in fact a child molester is so far from normal you can’t make assumptions like that.

    Third, in less enlightened ages human castration was tried on sexually obsessive men. It almost always makes it worse. Rapists punished with genital mutilation are almost always more brutal afterwards in as a sort of mental compensation. These people aren’t aroused by rape or molestation as an act, they are aroused by the feelings that act causes. Removing the organ does nothing to address those feelings.

    Fourth, mutilation as punishment is a truly awful idea. Where do you draw the line? If it is OK to mutilate a male child molester, then what about the .01% of female molesters? In significant number of cases of in-home sexual abuse, a woman lives in the home and is aware of the abuse, but does nothing to stop it. Do we sexually mutilate these female enablers? Who decides when terrified co-victim becomes willing accomplice?

    Fifth, the purpose of the penal system (ideally) is reformation, not punishment. Isn’t forced castration a sexually abusive act? If we are going to punish sexual abusers with sexual abuse, how does that make them stop? 99.9% of abusers are victims of it already. Is another act of sexual abuse this time from the state instead of the guy in cell block six or Uncle Jimmy suddenly going to set the abuser straight?

    Six, how does it help the victim? After being abused, does knowing that your rapist no longer has any balls make you less raped? Less of a victim? If he’s out of jail, it certainly doesn’t make you safer from him.

    The only thing it gives the victim is the ability to say “Just like you took something from me I can never get back, now I had something taken from you that you can never get back.” That is, honestly, a good thing for a victim to be able to say, but I just don’t think that alone is reason to begin state sanctioned involuntary mutilation.

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