Olympic Objectification

This really pisses me off.

Here we have the best female athletes in the world, competing in highly demanding sports, and still, the cameras and the press must objectify the female athletes and reduce them to body parts. First of all, screw you cameraguy for the Associated Press who thinks it’s perfectly alright to take extreme closeup ass shots, and secondly screw you Globe and Mail for including this sexist piece of shit in your daily photo montage re-cap of the day in Beijing. 

This volleyball player for Brasil has a face. She probably has a pretty bad ass spike and a super fabulous serve, but instead thanks to the bullshit that is the “rule” that women volleyball payers must wear bikinis, and the assholes who think it’s fine to make world class athletes into sexy models upon which to gaze and lust after, she is just a tight little ass. 

Show some respect to these women athletes. Sex is everywhere…..everywhere. Women’s bodies and body parts are everywhere. Why can’t we look to these athletes at the olympics as models of strength, perseverance, stamina and determination and not just, with one quick snap of the zoom lens, sportporn.


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One response to “Olympic Objectification

  1. Adam

    The Dutch gold medal-winning field hockey team were held up as huge (literally) sex symbols in Holland — in TV commercials and a couple of them were in Dutch FHM and Maxim.

    A male Dutch colleague of mine told me all about it because I had no idea. He seemed surprised that I wasn’t following their Olympic progress, like all men in Holland supposedly were. He said, “They are so hot, they will make you want to leave your wife.” I’m guessing there was something lost in translation…

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