To C or not to C-Section

There really has been a flood of articles about C-Sections since the OBGYN society of Canada decided that they needed to put out a big press release/warning. Interestingly, the press treat the rise in c-sections like every Canadian getting one is a Posh Beckham wannabe trying to schedule her birth after her morning meeting and before her night out on the town. 

Truth is, if we want to decrease c-sections, we should promote nutrition, since obesity seems to be the leading cause. And of course, women are having babies later in life. Well, if they require a c-section, then so be it. It’s reality. Don’t discourage that or Canada will cease to even exist. We can’t afford an even lower birthrate. 

I find it very strange that all of a sudden, there is all this talk of the increased risks to the mother and baby. Funny, since the only OBGYN I know, just gave birth to her first baby via scheduled c-section in Toronto and she told me, and I quote, “I don’t know why any woman would ever have a vaginal birth. It’s way easier to have a c-section, and you have way less stretching and pain. It’s the only thing I would do.” Hmmmmmm…..

Now I was all, “go c sections” for a long time, till I had a conversation with a mom, whose feminism I respected, and she mentioned the fact that really women’s bodies know what to do when it comes to birthing. Their kindof wired for that shiz and they should not be challenged by modern technology.

Point taken….

My husband was bottle fed because in the late 70s they thought that formula was better than breast milk. Ummm…Not quite. (But to all the breast feeding nazis, he hasn’t yet died from ashma, low IQ, allergies, or all those other doomsday formula disorders…..).

But really, a step in a direction to make women more at peace with their bodies is always a good one. But how about, instead of claiming all these horrific risks that women are taking with their health and their babies, let’s put out some warm fuzzy information about childbirth.

How about promoting vaginal births, providing more education around childbirth, encouraging and respecting midwives and doulas for the wickedness that is them. In Holland, childbirth is not even considered a medical procedure and almost all Dutch women give birth at home. Now, I would pass on that one, who wants to clean up that mess? But I think it demonstrates the fact that society has a lot of influence on what flies. And we tend to be creatures of the latest fashions.

A good friend of mine was reading this hippie book from the 70s when she got pregnant. She didn’t want to read page after page of mind numbing ‘information’, instead, she wanted to read about how many women have very intense albeit wonderful birthing experiences. Complete with retro pictures, from back when women’s bushes were so gigantic it’s hard to imagine how they got pregnant through all that jungle, the book had some really good advice. The jist:

Women have been having babies for like….forever. And women in their forties, where popping out number 10 and 11 at one point and so we really need to have some faith in what these bodies of ours can do. And maybe being put down by a most likely male doctor, to have the baby extracted is not so necessary. But hey, if that’s your thing, do it sister, but maybe have a gander at the smiling 70s broads before hand, may help you feel some positive juice. Cause hey, if you have seen a birth on TV in fiction land, you of course think it’s the most horrifying thing possible but some women actually get off on the pain. (Yes the book actually goes into this and even provides a picture, but why not imagine that outcome instead of the alternative???). 

So how about it? Less “WOMEN: YOU ARE RISKING YOUR HEALTH AND ENDANGERING YOUR UNBORN BABIES…!!!!!!!” And more “Go babies, go babies, go vaginal, let me hear ya, you can do it, you’re wicked, go babies, out the birth canal, you go girl.”

Just a thought…..


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