Shitty people

So two women filed a human rights complaint against a comedian in Vancouver. WTF? Isn’t part of a comedians job to offend everyone or at least offend some people. Come on. And apparently, the women went in to the show, sat in the front (ummmm…..that’s where you get picked on ladies) and then started heckling the guy (uhhhh, sorry but if you heckle, you’re fair game). 

The women, both lesbians, are claiming that he humiliated them and discriminated against them for their sexual orientation. 

I like, accused homophobe Guy Earle’s response:”I don’t care if they’re lesbians, heterosexuals, homosexuals or giraffes.”

What a big waste of the Human rights tribunal’s time. It’s so ridiculous. Comedians are there to make fun or everything and everyone and if you don’t like the jokes, leave. 

But I’m sure, thank to these women with a grudge, Guy Earle will sell many more tickets to his shows. Ahhh Irony…


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