Couples seeking cheap wombs for rent in India

“Are babies commodities to be planted and harvested?”  A good question asked by Joseph Gathia in his article about surrogacy in India

Sick, sick, sick. Yet again, we bust in to countries with a lot of poor people just trying to get by, and we exploit them. This time, renting women’s bodies so that they can pop out our babies on the cheap.

Is there no end to our selfishness? I think Surrogacy, maybe by a friend or family member in order to help a loved one who can’t conceive is understandable, but hiring a stranger to grow and birth your child for you, for money?????? I just can’t wrap my head around that one. And then going out of country to save some bucks because there are lots of poor people, who don’t abuse drugs and alcohol over there…..just boggles the brain. 

Global culture indeed. Where’s our moral culture to go along with it? 


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  1. MJ

    I don’t understand where you think our moral culture is going? How can bringing a baby into this world ever be wrong? All children are gifts, regardless of how they got here. These women in India, are not children, and they understand what it takes to have a child. They are being given an opportunity to help their family, and also provide a precious gift to another family. I do think that there should be some types of regulations set up, to protect both the surrogate and the intended parents. I also can speak from experience, because I have been a surrogate. I helped another couple (whom I didn’t know), have a child. It was by far one of my greatest achievements (next to my own children). I didn’t do it for the money. I did it because I couldn’t imagine a life with out my children, and it just so happens that being pregnant, and having children, is easy for me.

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