Stay-at-home dads on the rise

So more dads are taking pat leave than ever before. This is great news. Yay for incentives that offer both men and women time off from work to care for the kids. It really shouldn’t be just up to the women to stay home and this is a refreshing trend.

(By the way…there are wayyyyyy more dads taking pat leave in Quebec because Quebec is the only province that allows pat leave on its own. While these family incentives are very costly, if you want close, happy families and a sustainable, growing population. I think it might just be worth it.)

Interestingly, the Globe article mentions some research that shows that kids with a close bond with their fathers from an early age tend to have all sorts of behavioral benefits. I can totally see it. I think kids get a lot of different things from mom and from dad and it’s great to see families working as a team. I know a lot of women who make more money than their partners and sometimes dad staying home makes more sense. A lot of guys however feel that there is a major stigma attached to being a stay-at-home dad. That’s so sad.

Just as women having great careers is no biggie these days, we also need to work on breaking down the boundaries for dads to stay home. While I know a lot of women making more money than their partners, I also know a lot of guys who would make way better primary care givers for their kids than their wives/girlfriends.

I truly think that morphing these traditionally gendered roles and duties in terms of parenting and working is a major MAJOR step towards equality for men and women and will ultimately lead to happier family lives for all.



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2 responses to “Stay-at-home dads on the rise

  1. Rick Lalonde

    Even with benefits like paternity leave, I don’t think that society gives fatherhood enough respect. If we played the word association game and I said ‘dad’, how many of you would respond with ‘deadbeat’?

    My neighbour was the world’s best stay-at-home dad, but I am still saddened when I recall what his daughter said to him when he was walking his two kids to school one day. Their school had two recent lockdowns because of reports of ‘suspicious men’ lurking near the school (this was after a couple of prominent abduction/murders in Ontario in the early 90’s). One was fellow was just sitting on his front step across the street from the schoolyard, and the other was a father standing outside the schoolyard waiting to pick up his child. Anyways, this worried his six-year-old daughter, who correctly understood the hysteria behind all of this, so one day she told him “Daddy, maybe you shouldn’t walk us to school anymore.”

    Another example was several years later when she fell hard on the monkey bars (the type that has since been banned because of safety concerns) at the playground and was bleeding profusely from the groin. She immediately left her friends, and cycled home to her dear dad. But when he took her to the hospital, it was treated like a sex attack, with him being the presumed attacker. I do not believe that this would have happened if ‘mom’ had taken her to the hospital.

  2. drunkdreamer8

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