Man charged cause son got a bad sunburn???

I think this is insane.

Sure, the dad fucked up. He shouldn’t have left the kid out in the sun for an hour and a half. But how many of us have forgotten to put sun screen on? And I know, I know, he’s just a child and parents must protect, protect, protect. But give the guy a break. Now, his picture is everywhere as the worst dad of the summer (so far). He is in prison and being charged with FIRST degree neglect.

Interestingly, the kids mother, went to the police before she went to the hospital.

I’m sure the hospital sees this all the time. Along with other injuries that accidentally befall toddlers. If the kid had a broken arm from riding a bike that was too big for him, would the dad be charged? If he chocked on a candy bar, that he shouldn’t be eating at this age, would his dad be charged? If dad was playing airplane and dropped the boy accidentily, would he be charged?

It just opens this whole bullshit can of worms. When should someone be charged with neglect and when is it a mistake. An accident. We all make them and I’m sure accidents that hurt our children are the worst of all. Parents have forgotten their children in cars and the kids have died and they didn’t even face first degree neglect charges.

And I’m wondering what kind of a bone the mother had to pick. If she wanted to guarantee that dad wouldn’t get to see his son much anymore, she succeeded.

This story should definitely serve as a reminder to use sun screen. I’ve been avoiding it cause I want a tan, man. But really, it should also make us pissed that the state can interfere at will. Based on nothing but their “outrage at how big the blisters are.” Parents should be able to make a mistake here and there, even a bad one, without becoming a fuck-up poster parent with a video attachment of a poor kid who may hurt pretty badly for the next weeks or so.

At least the kid wont suffer from vitamin d deficiency.


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