Consumer awareness, informed purchasing and a better world in Spain

Just had to point out one of 100 million things that I love about Spain. But this particular thing, is easily replicated all over the world.

While purchasing some groceries, I was confronted by several choices. My groceries actually had a bunch of information for me, letting me know how those products were brought to me or how the animals were treated.

So when I was choosing between a dozen different kinds of eggs, it was really a no brainer to spend the extra 20 cents to buy Free Range eggs. How awesome is that? On the packages, they let you know if the chickens were raised in factories or free range on a farm. I think most people wouldn’t mind paying extra to know that the chickens have a better life.

Then, I came across this cheese. Basically, the package informed me that the cheese was produced entirely by wind power. It’s so great to have information when making purchases. And it’s so easy to do. Why can’t we get this information in Canada? I know they have started to put some Canadian flags on food made in Canada, but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which foods are farmed by our farmers, have taken on environmental initiatives or created more animal friendly environments?

It must be the way of the future. And we can force change by our purchasing decisions. Love it.


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