Canada’s national post newspapers and the religious, misogynists who write their commentary

Without wasting too much time addressing the rantings of an idiot. I have to point out a piece of rather significant irony. Go to the Ottawa Citizen online and read David Warren’s rant about feminists: It’s feminist slander that men are inherently violent

After reading his page vomit, look to the right of his scribbles and see this article: Suspicious Death: For the third time in eight days, an Ottawa women has died in an apparent homicide.


Feminists do not claim that all men are violent. And while I am sure there are cases of men being abused, my guess is, that very few if any, end up in the hospital because they had the shit kicked out of them, or worse, in the morgue. Why are men like David Warren so afraid of feminists? Why does he think feminists make men into poodles? Does he lack any kind of self esteem? If his role as ruler and head of household as appointed by god was questioned by an educated, career woman would he just crumble? 

And for David Warren to spew all of his hate, declaring that white men are not violent, just victims of evil feminists, right beside an article that basically points out that there is a problem in our country with domestic homicides, just makes him look even stupider.  

Until the number one cause of death of a pregnant woman in Canada is no longer homicide, I will continue, as will many other women, and men – not poodles, to advocate for women’s protection and an end to domestic violence. 

And Dave….if you get pummeled by your wife, or bent over the table and anally raped with a vegetable, I would stand on your behalf and argue that she was wrong in doing so. If it happened to all of your friends and to your whole community, I would support a billboard with the image of an angry white woman hand raised, looking all nuts and hope the message would prevent future abuses.

Until that happens, maybe the awareness that the Canadian Women’s foundation is trying to raise, will prevent a fourth murder of a woman in under two weeks in Ottawa.

Or were they just asking for it Dave? 


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