Safe Injection sites do not promote drugs, they promote living…

Can I just say: HOORAY that our judges are smarter than our politicians.

Thank you, your honours, for keeping Vancouver’s Safe Injection site and those it helps alive!

Maybe Canada’s Health Minister should hang for a while in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. I’ll take him for a walk. I know the area. He can have a little gander past some people overdosing in a doorway. He might wonder at first glance: “is that person having a seizure?” or maybe, he’ll think to himself: “that dirty guy isn’t moving at all, is he dead?”

Maybe dirty-guy is covered in bile, barf would imply he ate food yesterday. And a little further along, say around the corner, alley-girl’s bare feet are bleeding and she peed herself. Maybe she stepped in one of those piles of used needles and condoms. Minister Clement might even smell his citizens before he sees them on his walk.

And What’s that? ohhh…. running-guy just stole beside-the-heat-vent-guys jacket cause he is unconscious. Too bad he’s so poor and has a mental illness.

Good ole Tony can watch a guy crap on the sidewalk and have more blood come out than poo. He can witness five prostitutes sharing a needle and then watch as one of them hops into a car with a 19-year-old hoping to lose his virginity bareback. He can visit the many “hotels” where junkies live and maybe convince himself that if it weren’t for the safe injection site, they would still have access to counselors, and information to help them get clean, by reading the graphiti on the walls or rapping on a neighbours door for a hand and some sugar.

We don’t need more studies!!! Instead, we need more people and services to help our most vulnerable citizens.

Safe Injection sites provide more than safe injection sites. They provide care, information, help when it is needed, help when it is wanted. We KNOW that doing nothing does not get people off drugs. We know that ignoring junkies and hoping they don’t bother the tourists is ineffective treatment. So instead, let’s try a little something called HUMANIZATION.

How about we treat our citizens with addictions like real, whole people and then maybe, just maybe, they’ll feel like life might be worth trying-out without drugs. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll do drugs right up until their heart beats it’s last beat. Either way, I would rather they had a place to be safe. If just one time in their entire life.

Support safe injection sites in your cities. Trust me, the alternatives are much worse.

And in case you aren’t convinced. Have a look at ‘Intravenous Drug User Infection Textbook Guy’.

Ya…..he didn’t need any help or supervision at all….


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