Rachel Ray’s scarf highlights xenophobia and stupidity in America

Just when you think, Americans can’t make themselves look any worse, they go and do things like this.

Rachel Ray, wears a scraf, [that really is a little behind in terms of the fashion world, if there should be any complaint it should be that..I mean these scarves became trendy in Europe last year and are now mainstay at the biggest department stores in a full range of colours. But hey, not the point.] The point, is that the scarf is most likely modeled off of the one traditionally worn by many Muslims called the kaffiyeh, and what’s wrong with that? It is a traditional piece of clothing. Like a baseball freakin cap. Lots of people wear them to keep the sun off their heads. If the unibomber wore a Michigan cap, would we consider all Michigan fans to be psycho bombers?

I can’t believe that Fox News is allowed to spew the stupidity, the hate and the racism that they do. Something that relates to Muslims must be related to terrorists they say. If it looks like an Arab wore it, then that means the company putting the celebrity out there to pimp coffee must be supporting Osama Bin Laden. Oh my god, maybe Dunkin Donuts are terrorists? 

And I can’t believe that Dunkin Donuts would be so shit and basically bow down to the rants of racists. COME ON!!!! Since when did a few loud mouth jerks, make companies quake in their boots. I hope more people boycott them for being wankers than would have for being normal. How about actually growing a few and facing down the racism instead of supporting it. It just fans the flames. How can the misinformation and ignorance that came out of Michelle, what’s her face’s mouth be repeated? Be taken seriously? Lead to the cessation of an ad campaign? 

Until these racist Americans open their eyes, have a little read through a book about Muslims, and get over their xenophobia and absolutely abhorrent attitude towards the Middle East, we will continue to have to suffer with presidents like Bush, military boys who go on rapping and killing sprees, and a world that is forcing “mainstream” into something very very ugly. 

And to the companies who just “want to avoid controversy”: you are responsible for tolerating, supporting and even encouraging this xenophobia. You therefore, can fuck off, right along with the rest. 



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3 responses to “Rachel Ray’s scarf highlights xenophobia and stupidity in America

  1. Nice post!!
    I wrote about it too, but you wrote about it more elequently 🙂

  2. creeping

    what race is that scarf from?

    stupidity is wearing a scarf in the summer esp when it doesn’t match your outfit…and looks like a used rag

  3. hii
    i liked your blog very much
    and also “your way of thinking”
    first of all this scarf or the palestinean scarv exactly or “koffeyah” كوفيه ..
    we all wear it and any home in any arab country ..had it , for ec. i have “black and white” one and “red and white”one .. any country in the arab world have a tradition .. we the egyptions before the revoultion we have a hat called”tarboosh” طربوش ..
    this palestinean scarf we all wear it when we going to safari or trip .. and you shall see in a party or class and sometimes i weare it in any place i going to ..
    thos scarf remind us of palestine ..we all love it ..
    we (arabs and mislims) not terrorists!! when i see your propaganda i have shcked i was going to belive that we are terorists !!!!!
    and i will write about this problem in this blog ..
    and i love to communicate if you want to know any thing about the arab world ..
    my best regards
    this is my e- mail
    my blog

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