Why are there no female directors?

One of my biggest peeves is that there are so few women directors. I feel that it is the main reason why most movies, specifically romantic comedies, really suck. They just don’t speak to me or relate to me at all as a woman. They seem to rely on these dated stereotypes and assumptions of what women want and are like. Um……modern women are not like that. Get with it. 

I don’t understand why it is always men, directing supposed chick flicks. If these movies draw such a female audience, why not have a women directing them? How are men supposed to really connect with their female audience? And the why the hell is the Sex and the City movie directed by a man? I really think that the main reason Sex and the City really kicked ass is because it was so often directed by women and of course was adapted from the writings of a woman.

An article in the LA Times explores this issue, basically revealing that women directors are so few that it is insane. The movie industry basically missed the whole, women-are-equal boat. 

The article makes a few good points but then falls back on the same shit argument always made when examining why there are fewer women involved: THAT WOMEN DON’T LIKE THAT MASCULINE POWER DECISION-MAKING ENVIRONMENTS. 

Ahhhh….Bullshit. Trust me that women who have worked their way up in Hollywood to be directors are not little scared women who just want to stay home and play house and who would be afraid to yell at the lighting guy. Why is this always the fall-back argument?

The article starts off looking at the numbers, proceeds to say there are some women doing great indie films and then goes into the: ‘women have children and don’t want to be away from them’ shtick and then wraps the stereotypical bow around the whole package with ‘women are scared of conflict and control.’

Can we please move past this shit and realize that some women are in fact not affriad of that at all. And that some women in fact don’t want children or have absolutely no problem uprouting a family for an important career move.

These articles are based on gendered stereotypes, not actual research.

A real analysis of why Hollywood is so damn sexist would be nice. 


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One response to “Why are there no female directors?

  1. Argh, this is SO true. Most blockbuster interpetations of women are so ridiculous and male-orientated.

    I’ve always wanted to be a film director, it’s one of my life goals. And I’m a girl. But I am definitely not ‘scared of conflict and control’ – the exact oposite, actually. So, thanks! You’ve just sparked an intense determination to prove this b/s wrong. =)

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