M.J.s Movie Pic Monday

  Amy’s O

Written and Directed by Julie Davis, this movie is such a great example of how a movie made by a woman can really speak to other women. So often, when heading to the movies, the same old boring romantic comedy that is supposed to be made for women, falls so so so short. Basically, how are men supposed to understand what women would really be thinking or feeling or finding incredibly hot?

I went through a faze of only renting movies written and directed by women (it was short lived, there are so few it’s sad) and what I found was, these movies really felt different and there was something very unique in that it was coming from a woman’s perspective. Amy’s O is all about Amy and her thoughts. I think most women, like me, could relate at least somewhat to Amy’s endless interior dialogue.  Definitely worth checking out!   And of course, Amy is in pursuit of the big O.

How and where will she find it???


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