Link between vaccines and autism

A new study, and the most comprehensive ever done, reveals that there is a link between exposure to mercury from Thimerosal Vaccines and autism. 

Read the report at

It is insane how many research roadblocks were set up by both the government and the pharmaceutical company. It’s time to get to the bottom of this. 




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3 responses to “Link between vaccines and autism

  1. amberstevenson

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  2. Tara

    Hey – you should also check out the latest article on autism in the May issue of Elle. While mercury exposure could be a factor, it looks like an immune system response that the mothers had during pregnancy is another big possibility. And with the mercury thing, the levels in the vaccine, are lower than what is in the fish we eat…. The article was really good for giving a balanced look at the issue. 50% believe the mercury theory.

  3. estherar

    Um…no. The Geiers are anything but honest researchers, and their “study” is being taken apart piece by piece and being exposed for the sh!t it is by a real epidemiologist:

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