Another Canadian murdered in Mexico: what will the authorities say this time?

Another Canadian tourist killed in Mexico and his girlfriend shot as well. And the scarier thing is how the authorities will react. Another denial? No followup? Cover-up to protect the tourist industry?

There have now been 5 murders of Canadians in Mexico over the past two years. Not one has been solved and all have been surrounded by an air of secrecy, scandal and misinformation. What is going on? 

If the Mexican government is trying to protect the tourist industry by avoiding the realities of these murders, I think they are causing even more harm. An occasional tragedy or act of violence followed by lawful investigation and prosecution, or at least transparency in the attempts therein, is much more favourable to what’s been going on. I’ll vacation elsewhere. Why is our government doing nothing to force answers. The poor families of these victims who are left on their own to fight and search for answers. 

Canadians murdered in Mexico – 2006-yesterday:

Bouabal Bouthavorn, 29.

Domenic and Nancy Ianiero of Woodbridge, Ont., were found with their throats slit in February, 2006 at a resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. No arrests were ever made.

In January, 2007, Adam DePrisco, 19, also of Woodbridge, was killed outside an Acapulco nightclub. A Mexican doctor blamed the teen’s death on a hit-and-run driver, but his family and friends believed he was beaten to death.

In May, 2007, Jeff Toews of Grande Prairie, Alta, died from injuries after he visited a nightclub in Cancun. Mexican authorities concluded he fell from the second floor of his hotel, but at the time Toews’ family said his head and back injuries came from a severe beating.


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One response to “Another Canadian murdered in Mexico: what will the authorities say this time?

  1. vic

    Well I travel allot around this world and let me tell you that crime is all around the world. I got muged in paris, stabed in thai land, punched in australia, pick pocketed in japan, insulteted in egypt, hit by a car in dubai, arested in london, had my hotel room broken into in argentina and canada, I have been muged at gun point in new york, atlanta, chicago, brazil, honduras, mexico, italy, spain, south africa, india, russia, and I got my heart stolen in china.

    All of these thing are now a part of my life and one thing I can tell you is that crime is a creature of oportunity, just because you are going on vacation does not mean that you should relax your guard. Remember you are in a different country whit different laws and different customs, if you are going to another country it is best to go with some one that has lived in that country for some time. Other wise stay it the hotel area and don’t wander around if you do you are taking your life in your own hands.

    One thing about mexico is that their roads are pretty dangerous even for the mexicans, most drivers have never had a drivers license. The government is trying to remedy this but it will still take some time to fix this situation.

    If you are going to go drinking go in a group and don’t stray from that group at all. If you hit on the local girls understand that they may have local boyfriends.

    If your girl fried goes with you stay together don’t get separated even on the dance floor whoever she might be dancing whit might get the wrong idea.

    Don’t carry large amounts of money and if you do only pull out small amounts at a time. If you show to much much money makes you a target.

    Like I said Before use common sence at all times and never asume that you are safe any where that you may go.

    Be carefull and take care of your self, its a scarry world but it is also a very beautifull world and life is short so try to enjoy it while you can.

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