Strangle a pregnant woman to death, dump her body on the side of the road, pull down her pants and shirt at the dumpsite and get one day in prison thanks to judge Steven Glithero

This story makes me sick.

What also makes me sick is the paragraph that the Globe and Mail decided was all that this story deserved.

The Globe snippet fails to mention any details about the woman whose life has already been so marginalized that her killer received an absolute joke of a sentence. The article fails to mention that the woman was pregnant or that after Wayne Ryczak, 55 strangled the 29-year-old, Stephine Beck to death, he drove her “heavy” body to the road side, dumped it and then before he left, for good measure, exposed her vagina and breasts.

They did however, make sure to let the readers know that he only got one day punishment for killing a prostitute.

Excuse me for asking, but in Canada, are prostitutes considered less than human? Apparently they are. Which is why we let serial killer Robert Pickton kill more than 50 women on the streets of Vancouver before trying to catch him. I was living in Vancouver at the time and trust me, if the missing women had been blond housewives from North Van, there probably would have only been one killed, not 50.

When families of the missing Vancouver women started organizing and putting pressure on the media to report that there was a serial killer loose in the city, and coverage, mainly from the Vancouver Province, started to detail the extent to which women were disappearing from the downtown east side, a response from the police was literally forced. The response: a tactical team set up to investigate the murders which resulted in the arrest of Pickton within months. Amazing what you can find out when you actually look.

A former worker of Pickton’s later told the press that he had gone to the police YEARS earlier and told them he was sure Pickton had been murdering prostitutes on his pig farm. Good thing the police did nothing which then allowed Pickton to kill several other women and feed them to his pigs.

Now Stephani Beck had an addiction problem. And she would not win any mother of the year awards since she was pregnant and consuming enough cocaine to potentially kill her, but does that mean that killing and dumping her body is o.k. If a man jumped at a passerby in the street and that passerby beat him to death, drove him out of the city and dumped his body, exposing his penis before he left, would we think that was alright?

Prostitutes are the most marginalized people in our society. We treat their lives as if they don’t matter at all. It truly horrifies me that time and time again, whenever a violent or sexual crime is committed against a sex worker, we turn a blind eye. Women are no longer even called women in the headlines. They become solely defined by the title of prostitute.

Can we try and remember for a moment that if there was no demand for prostitutes, they would not exist. Men go to hookers. They always have and sadly always will. Women who are poor, have mental health problems or addictions, have physical disabilities, families to provide for, they sometimes turn to prostituion to make money the one way they know they can and we treat them as disposable.

It is fucking time to legalize prostitution so that the murder and abuse of young, poor and marginalized Canadian women, on our Canadian streets, stops happening. And maybe if we make their profession legitimate and provide them with the health and physical protection that they deserve, as they work to satisfy men who will seek them out regardless of the law, we will make our society a better place and we will force men, women and journalists to acknowledge that prostitutes are people, doing a job, and maybe you don’t like it, but hey, I don’t like pharmaceutical reps but if someone killed one, even if they were pimping estrogen supplements, I would still want their killer to face more than one fucking day in prison.

Write to Justice Canada if you believe in Justice and not Judge Steven Glithero’s form of justice that supports the notion that if your a drug addicted, pregnant, prostitute, your life is worth time served, plus a day.



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7 responses to “Strangle a pregnant woman to death, dump her body on the side of the road, pull down her pants and shirt at the dumpsite and get one day in prison thanks to judge Steven Glithero

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  2. Niagara Bob

    You obviously didn’t read the full story before writing your piece. This is nothing like the Robert Pickton case. For one thing, this guy is most likely innocent. And there is nothing to indicate that the woman was targetted, because she was a prostitute, or otherwise.

    Go to the St. Catharines Standard to get more information. He had a strong case for self-defense, which the crown attorney admitted was consistent with all of their evidence, and which they would have not been able to have disprove. Then there is the small issue as to whether she died of stranglulation or of a self-administered lethal dose of cocaine in her body. If the case had gone to trial, he would have been assured of being found innocent, but by pleading guilty, he spared the victim’s family, and his family alot of pain.

    You insinuate that he deliberately exposed her, but there was no evidence presented to support this. I have never tried to haul a dead body, but I can imagine it would be pretty hard to keep the clothing on. It took him 15 minutes just to get the body in the car. I believe his only crime was not to have called 911 as soon as she stopped breathing.

    And the sentence was not one day, but one day plus 30 months (time served), three years of probation, drug and anger counselling, and a host of other conditions. The guy was totally unknown to the police before this, and I believe the defense lawyers claim that “the justice system will never see him again”

    However, I do agree with your more general comments about the need to care for the marginalized people in our society better, and to legalize the sex trade.

  3. Juliet Belmas

    The full story? So what if the woman overdosed — does that justify dumping her body like a piece of garbage! The guy didn’t even try to call for help — usually an indication he was guilty of something. On top of that, he commits an indignity to the woman’s body and only gets 30 months, plus one day! All I hope is that the brothers gave him a once over twice in prison and that’s unfortunately what things have come to, because the criminal justice system is a farce. It’s just beyond me how anyone with any common sense could justify that sentence! Now I admit I’m not that familiar with the facts of the case, but I have no doubt the guy had sex with her before her demise, which probably involved sharing drugs with her (while seeing she was pregnant) and helped to kill her. Wake up! Murdering the marginalized in this society has been going on far too long. What’s it going to take for Canadians to wake up! And as for justifying the judge not giving him a more lengthy sentence , because he had no criminal record — give your head a shake. Funny how most men don’t see a sexist, misogynous criminal justice system when it’s staring them in the face. And I speak on personal experience: when I was 19 years old and got caught up with a group of militant extremists in BC thinking I was going to “save the world”, I was sentenced to 20 years for what I did. I didn’t kill anyone AND I was totally unknown to police before hand! Go figure…

  4. Niagara Bob

    Okay Juliet, you didn’t kill anybody, but that was only because you were arrested before you could carry out that Brinks job. Didn’t the five of you have 18 firearms that you had spent months training with? Hollow pointed bullets are meant to kill. Then there were the 10 people you injured in the Litton blast. So how much of the twenty years did you actually spend behind bars? Did you get 2:1 credit for time served? In your case, there was plenty of evidence of both intent and premeditation. That is not so with Ms. Beck’s death, so I do not think there is any merit to your comparison. Also, there was no evidence that they had sex and shared drugs as you claimed. The Crown had no evidence that was not consistent with Mr. Ryczak’s story of self-defense, so we have no choice but to accept it.

  5. Friend of Family

    Ok I finally found a place where I can vent about this story. I grew up 5 houses down from this man, I was best friends with his daughter since we were 2 years old and I spent so much time at that house growing up it was my second home. So too my shock and dismay I read in the paper ove a year ago that Wayne was arrested and charged with murder. I spoke to his daughter and his ex-wife who I still talk too, and let me tell you that I will not reveal things said too me in private conversations. I have my own opinions on this case which are, He belongs in jail. I’m sorry I still live in that city and I just saw him today driving down the street a free man still walking and breathing unlike Stephanie Beck. That makes me sick.
    The only person too back up his self defence story is not here anymore too tell the truth because he took her life away by his own admission. Of course he will say self defence when there is no witness who is alive other than him, who wouldn’t try that themselves. As far as the 30 months plus a day time served, that is a crock if I ever heard one. He served 14 months in jail for taking a woman’s life. I don’t believe he targeted her because she was a prostitute, I do however believe that he hired her for her services and she may have changed her mind and he lost his temper (which he has never been able too control for aslong as I have known him) and when she changed her mind he flew off the wall and well we all know what happened too her.
    This man has 3 grown children and grandchildren yet he still had no problems with killing a woman who was probably based on news reports so High on cocaine she wouldn’t have been able too fight him off. I feel for her family and I send them my condolences for their loss. As far as I am concerned I hope they do appeal the judges sentence and I hope he goes back where he belongs which is behind bars. Anyone who can kill someone should not be allowed too walk free in the amount of time that he served, and too be allowed too drive around and live a normal life afterwards aggrevates me to no end.
    To the MPP who wants too appeal, please don’t give up on it and follow through with it. Justice needs too be done for Stephanie because yes she made some bad choices in her life however she did not deserve too be treated like this. She was someone’s daughter, sister, niece, grandaughter and friend, and she deserved to live a long life. Wayne Ryczak took that away from her and yet he gets too be a free man.
    To the Judge: All I can say is you made a bad decision and I hope they appeal your sentence, win and have it overturned so that the real Justice can be served.

  6. Sex work shouldn’t equal murder at any cost,by his own admission he has a addiction problem that hopefully he will address.Manslaughter is not justice,nor is time served plus a day.The truth be told God,Stephine and Mr.Ryzack know the truth so one day he shall be judged.
    Right now with Mr.Ryzack in the community we as women are unsafe with a convicted killer, that has an addiction problem that goes hand in hand with sex work

  7. Juliet Belmas

    Dear Niagra Bob,
    I apologize for not responding earlier as I was off-line moving and unaware of your response. But thank you for the opportunity to respond to your misinformed allegations of my role in the wacko group, known as Direct Action or aka the Squamish Five. I hope to add some clarity to your understanding and to encourage you to research beyond Google, to ask the important questions, because then you will realize there is much more to my story and stories of other marginalized women if you read between the lines. Unfortunately, investigative reporting seems to be a lost art these days and most our news comes off the wire, so I’m not surprised by your opinions.

    At the time of my arrest I was reportedly relieved as the nightmare was finally over, but then had to face with a whole new ball game of surviving a prison environment, in which my cohorts reigned supreme. I had just turned 19 and was highly influenced by my first love — a punk rock star and spokesperson for the New Left, Gerry Hannah. He set me up and even manipulated me into mitigating for him at sentencing, because he was much older and there was no evidence against him, or Doug Stewart for that matter. I believed that was the right thing to do, because I was naive and madly in love with Hannah. I regret not telling the court the truth or taken states evidence, because both Hannah and Stewart would’ve been convicted of the Litton bombing like they should’ve been, along with a few others who got off scott free. Because I kept quiet I was sentenced to 20 years, 33 in total, but 13 years were taken off for the year and a half of dead time I did before sentencing.

    I was a young, rebellious punk rocker in Vancouver when I encountered Brent Taylor, Ann Hansen, Doug Stewart as they often attended punk gigs to target disenfranchised and rebellious youth, such as myself. When I first met them I was scared of their potential for violence and stayed clear of them for over a year and a half, until I fell in love with Hannah, who set up my initiation as a surprise on my 19th birthday. You see, I was growing more and more troubled over a video porn store (Red Hot Video) rumored to be selling snuff pornography in my neighborhood (FYI – I grew up on the North Side of Port Coquitlam — next to the Pickton farm) and the truth is I sensed a bad moon rising in terms of violence against women right in my back yard. Hannah and the others knew I was an easy target for direct action because of my growing anger at a system that ignored it and also I was alienated from my family, so I had little support to fall back on for common sense. Basically, before I knew it, I was in way over my head and didn’t know how to get out. If you would take the time to dig further into my story, I would be greatly appreciative, because there are a lot more questions rather than blame for my situation if you research the story. To date, only Ann Hansen has written a book about it and she wrote nothing but agenda and feigned taking responsibility for those she injured or the terror she instilled. I guarantee you the human story is far more interesting and has yet to be told. As for the weaponry and extensive target practicing — it was all them, not me. I went target practicing once, but my cohorts ridiculed my inability to focus on a target and blamed me for wasting ammo. I didn’t know what hollow point even was before I was arrested. I was brought up in an anti-gun home and was terrified through the entire 6 month ordeal with these wackos. You’re right, fortunately, we were stopped before someone or many were killed. I had absolutely no intention of causing harm to human life and believed them when they said no one would get hurt, especially if I did the bomb warning like I was told to! They wrote the script and I read it out. I take full responsibility for my actions as I did when I plead guilty and accepted my punishment. The reason I didn’t take states evidence at the time was because I was terrified of not making it out of prison alive. Nonetheless, I was labeled a rat by my cohorts for doing nothing more than pleading guilty and renouncing direct action on appeal. Unlike any of my cohorts, I apologized to the victims of the Litton bombing and the entire Canadian public, but the Left was using the court as a platform for promoting their wacko beliefs, which the press thought was more interesting to report on and my apology went unheeded. Furthermore, I had no control of the weapons and although I knew they had guns, I had no idea as to the extent of it; due to the nature of conspiracy laws in Canada, I had no choice but to plead guilty as I lived in the house where those weapons were kept and possession is 9/10 of the law. Finally, I was unable to mount much of a defense at the time with my lawyer being paid by my cohorts and ultimately serving their needs.

    The good news of all this is that I survived — the ordeal and the 20 year sentence and have worked hard to be real with myself and overcome the debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress I’ve suffered for years. Now I can tell my story to whoever will listen and I can continue apologizing to those I injured. Moreover, through my experience in prison I have come to understand and respect the plight of marginalized women who have gone missing in this country and that is the reason I responded to this blog in the first place. I believe that their murders have been largely ignored by the courts, due to the complexity of these women’s issues. In other words, I feel our courts system has let these women and their families down and further caused tremendous trauma. Having been marginalized myself and blamed and discarded by society, I am hyper-critical. Again, I encourage you Niagra Bob to dig further and discover the human side of their stories that also exist between the lines, instead of accepting court facts as the truth from cunning defense lawyers, without question.

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