Perez Hilton: Selling out???

Is it just me or is becoming extremely boring and promotional lately? I have a pretty good feeling that he is about to cash in big time. Seems like he has really been tidying up his language and content and maybe even pimping a little for some networks. We’ll see. 

I mean, I love the guy. I think he has been a business savvy genius and a very great alternative voice online. But nowadays, he’s just too clean. No more saucy insults, swearing rants, and just plain greatness. It’s all too mundane and predictable.

I also think he has some new writers, writing as him. They just can’t capture his voice. I mean I’m sure the guy is busy with all of his success but sadly, I think he may be losing some readers. Though probably at the same time, gaining that clean, tween crowd, whomever is about to buy him, wants to attract.

Why does everything good have to get bought out, cleaned up and transformed into shitty commercial, mass appeal crap?

Maybe he’ll sell big and re-invent something even more subversive. Here’s hoping.


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