Do-it-yourself Paternity testing

A recent article in the Globe and Mail, Who’s your Daddy?, had author David Eddie conducting paternity testing on his son. This article made me vomit in my mouth. If I were this guys wife, I would leave him. 

David Eddie orders the test online because he thinks his young son is too positive and optimistic, unlike his brooding, self-loathing, jealous and suspicious self, and then he waits for his wife to leave for work and then gets his son to give him a saliva sample. WTF???? There is even a picture of this guy and his son looking at the instructions. Wow, what a classy dad. What great parenting. “Come here little guy. Dad thinks mommy may have slept with someone on her frisbee team even though he has no reasons to think so, so give daddy a little saliva and maybe then, daddy will go bye-bye.” 

Eddie even states that he has absolutely no reason to suspect that his wife has ever cheated on him. 

What is wrong with this guy? How does he think this makes his son feel? Or his wife feel when she reads this in a National newspaper? If the test came back as negative, would that mean he would walk out the door forever even though he had been the father to his son for several years? 

Is fatherhood purely sperm-based? 

And what makes paternity testing on the sly any different from hacking into your wife’s computer, reading her diary, riffling through her visa bills??? Nothing. It’s all shitty behavior that should not be held up as cute by the Globe and Mail. Barf!!!!



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