Words of Wisdom Wednesday

“Half of all couples who get married, stay together forever.”

I think these words carry a lot of wisdom because we always hear so much blabbing about how everyone is divorced and how the state of marriage is in shambles and how commitment is over. But really, half of all couples stay together till they’re like 80. Wow. That really is amazing when you think of it. 

And when I consider the weddings I have been to, I’d say that’s about right. Half of them were awesome and I felt all chocked up on romance, tears of warm wishes brewing for the couple that really have a shot in this crazy world of ours. The other half, Yikes. If you can see divorce in the future at the wedding, that’s not a good sign. 

So instead of thinking about how half of all marriages end in divorce, think about how half of couples today are heading toward a 50th wedding anniversary and are spending the majority of their lifetime shacked up. 



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