Pay Pal Plays Favorites

Pay Pal recently decided that the Federation of Canadian Naturists (nudists) should be cut off.

Apparently Canadian nudists do not deserve the right to use Pay Pal because in the pages of their newsletter you may happen across a family standing on a dock naked, about to take a swim. Oh my God, the profanity. Parents, you better take those bath photos off flicker, because you are promoting pornography. Actually pedophilia, you pervs.

Maybe when we stop obsessing about nudity and freaking when we see a nipple in our stupid North American mainstream society, we will curb the hunger for porn. You can see tits in a deodorant commercial in Europe for poops sake. Why are we so uptight? There is one big old difference between bath time photos or nudists playing beach volleyball and pictures of sexually abused and exploited children. Will some perv apprehend the nudist family newsletter and wack off, well maybe, but does that mean that we should censor anyone who does not abide by the puritanical view that we should all be ashamed of our bodies unless the “dirty” bits are covered???

It would probably be beneficial for more people to see that nudity is just what’s under the fabric of every single person on the street instead of only what you see when you google XXX.

Can some competitor please rise up and put the Pay pal monopoly in the ground for being God’s censors?


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