Yet another thing wrong with the suburbs

Some developed “communities” in Alberta actually have bans on clotheslines. Apparently similar “communities” did as well in Ontario but that has been recently poo pooed by the McGuinty government.

That is so insane. I’m sure when most people buy a place, they want to be sure that they will never ever have to see hanging towels in the neighbours back yard.

I remember when I was living in Vancouver, we changed the ugly venetian blinds to some colourful curtains. The very next day some shut in comes over to inform us that what we did was “illegal” and “ruined the whole facade of the building” and that we had “24-hours to re-instate the blinds” or there would be “consequences”. Yikes. We put the blinds back in place to avoid eviction and vowed never ever to live in a place with a condo board again.

Regulated conformity. Gotta love it.


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