A little exercise

Do me a favour and read the following excerpt from this article below. See if it seems a little problematic to you:

I Am Woman, Hear Me Pout
By Mike S. Adams
Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recently, I gave a speech at UCLA that was attended by about two dozen Christian students (and a lot more non-Christian students). The behavior of these Christians goes a long way towards explaining why few take modern (or postmodern)Christianity seriously. And they provide strong confirmation of some of my recent assertions about Christian’s intolerance.

Shortly before I began my speech at UCLA, a couple of dozen university women entered the auditorium together. They sat together in silence during the first part of my speech. I told a few jokes and noticed that almost everyone was laughing – except, of course, for the women who came in together and sat together. Their inability to laugh clued me in to the fact that they were Christians. They already have seminars teaching Christians how to have babies. Maybe they should be replaced with seminars teaching them how to laugh.

Right after the UCLA Christians confirmed conclusion #4 of my new book (that most Christians do not have a sense of humor) they confirmed conclusion #7 (that Christians generally lack the courage to act as individuals). This occurred when all twenty-something of the twenty-somethings got up and left the room without saying a word.

O.K. DID this article seem ridiculous to you?

Can you believe this guy has a whole book based on this shit? Now of course I replaced Feminists with Christians ( and orgasms with babies) but doesn’t it just make you wonder how this ‘professor’ (will universities hire anyone these days?) can make such bold assumptions about an entire group of people, who are extremely different, with varied beliefs, backgrounds, opinions, reactions, personalities, etc.,  based on random observations of the behaviors of some women he decides to label feminists because he doesn’t like their attitude. If a really friendly feminist came up, cracked a beer and told a great joke, I’m sure she wouldn’t make his cut. This is just so absurd. I am so sick of everyone lumping all feminist women together like we are some evil, mindless cult. 

Maybe this guy needs some better jokes.


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