Jonathan Kay is really creeping me out

I can’t believe any Canadian newspaper would give such a douche a soap box. On the one hand, he points out a great story about an 8-year-old girl who successfully got out of an arranged marriage with a 33-year-old by taking her dad to court. All fine and good. But he then ends the story with this:

Read the rest [of the story] here. Seems like this is a cause Canada’s feminists should get behind — assuming they’re not too busy protesting laws that would protect unborn children from murder.

So women should have some rights over their bodies and not others? Nice. And feminisits don’t care about rape or social justice or child abuse, just abortion????

Reading a little further up on Kay, he has more pearls of wisdom. Recently the Ontario Human Rights Commission made some strong comments informing the media basically to not be  racist and xenophobic. 

“It is the Commission’s view that the media has a responsibility to engage in fair and unbiased journalism. Bias includes both an unfair and one-sided portrayal of an issue as well as prejudicial attitudes towards individuals and groups.”

Kay’s response:

Actually, the National Post — like Maclean’s and every other media outlet — has no such responsibility — except inasmuch as we want to be respected, and our product bought, by as many people as possible. If we choose to be “unfair,” or simply to have an opinion that some people, or even everyone, disagrees with, that’s our right. We’ll pay the price in lost readers and advertisers.

Gee, I’m glad this is the attitude the conservatives are bringing to the National Post and journalism in Canada. 

And don’t get me started on Kay’s mother (yes mother) who also shares sexist ‘women were made for cookin’ commentary. This family has put my anger into overdrive. I need some time to prepare my attack. Expect something soon. 


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