9-year-old free roller

So there has been a LOT of talk about the mom who recounted sending her 9-year-old son alone on the subway in Manhattan. I think people really like to talk and judge what other parents do. How can anyone call that child abuse? This mother worked this out in her mind and with her son and made a decision. Was it a good one? I don’t fucking know. I don’t even know how old a kid is supposed to be when you don’t have to go in the stall with them and help wipe their ass. But hey, it’s her spawn.

Why are we so quick to judge so harshly? Layoff already. Kids in other countries are old enough to work in factories, slave away on the farm, or if your Warren Jeffs kind of mormon in America, you could get married and have kids of your own. Now those things seem more like child abuse to me. Unsupervised transporting in public – not so much.


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