Word up to the Dalai

I just want to give a big shout out to the peaceful warrior, the Dalai Lama, his Holiness himself. If any world leader wants to learn from someone’s example, I recommend they watch and learn. The Dalai Lama goes on tour, shakes hands with Bush and Harper and then, just as the Olympic publicity horse is out of the start gate, he makes an exquisitely timed push for Tibetan freedom. Kudos to Premier Brown for passing on the Torch and yay to the Parisians, always a rowdy, passionate bunch, determined to fight in the streets for what’s right, for getting a ban on the torch ceremony in France.

I am just loving this. The Chinese government finally being exposed for their ills. Finally the world caring a little bit about Tibet and a lot about the suppression of the media and the truth. Now how China even got the Olympics in the first place is beyond me, but at least it is all exploding in their face now that the Dalai is working his peaceful magic. It’s so upsetting however that the world sits by while Tibet gets swallowed up by China because the people refused to act violently and now, because a few protesters launch themselves in front of cameras, and we have some “compelling images” for television, we suddenly give a shit. So typical. But it’s better late than never. This is most likely the last chance for Tibet. 

Boycott the China Olympics unless they free Tibet!!!

A worthy Hero


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