Ten Reasons why you should NEVER call your Vagina a Vajayjay

1) Because the word exists in the first place because network censors of Grey’s Anatomy thought the actual word for that part of the female anatomy VAGINA (as being referred to by doctors) was too lewd. (Of course penis was no problem.)

2) Because it is your vagina and not a kiddy toy.

3) Because some women still think that they pee out of their birth canal.

4) Because what would you think of your boyfriend if he called his penis his pee pee.

4) Because some fundamentalist Christians re-named the Vagina Monologues the Va Jay Jay Monologues to be less ‘profane.’

5) Because you are a grown woman and baby talk is nauseating. ALWAYS.

6) Because even though pussy is bad and cunt is no better, the only thing worse than va jay jay is ‘down there.’

7) Because if we go down this road, what’s next. “Touch my bum bum, play with my clitiroowee and please find my gee gee spottie.”?

8 ) Because poo-face Michael Smerconish, author of “Hooray for Vajayjay” says the term is: warm, fuzzy, welcoming and can safely be used by men, women and children.

9) Because: “Come her lover and do me in my va jay jay” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

10) Because it gives you orgasms and you shouldn’t give it a such a shitty nickname or it might never forgive you.


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One response to “Ten Reasons why you should NEVER call your Vagina a Vajayjay

  1. LOL! Terrific top ten list.
    Number ten btw, is tops!

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