Bullshit Reporting

An recent article in The Wall Street Journal: Woman M.B.A.s More Likely to Divorce Than Men , states:

Women with M.B.A.s are twice as likely to get divorced or separated as their male counterparts.

It goes on:

The picture isn’t much rosier for women with law or medical degrees. Using a National Science Foundation survey of more than 100,000 professionals, Prof. Wilson analyzed data on newly minted professionals in business, law and medicine.

Conclusion: For women, a professional degree is often hazardous to marital health.

But then the study reveals that doctors and lawyers actually divorce less than those with only a bachelor’s degree. Seems to me like the author really wanted you to think that the higher level the degree for women, the more likely they are to divorce, which isn’t the case despite her intro. BRUTAL!!! Why does the media love these stories so much? Like see women, don’t go to business school cause then you’ll get divorced. Instead, marry a doctor man cause he’s more likely to not divorce. At least till your 55 and he has all the cash and re-marries the 25-year-old…. 

I swear they publish these articles just to piss professional women off and get them all buzzing about the article. GRRRRRrrrr.


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