Here’s a question

So something that I don’t get. Why is it that before every television show that I watch, I have to hear and read that stupid warning: “The following tv program may not be suitable for children. Parental guidance….bla bla…may include violence, strong language….bla bla bla?” At every commercial break, this is what I have to hear. Now what I am wondering is, why don’t they just put warnings on kids shows that say “This program IS suitable for children.” That way if you really give a shit about that, you will hear the warning and know that little Janey can watch that show. Otherwise, why do all the adults in the world have to hear warnings targeted at 6-11 year olds every time their show has a commercial. It’s Midnight, on Showtime, I’m watching weeds, I don’t need to be warned 6 times. 


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